Moving Forward Conference

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The Moving Forward Conference, an event celebrating innovation, thought-provoking conversations, and meaningful connections will bring executives, tech founders, startups, creatives, and industry leaders with a curiosity and passion for new ideas, innovations and emerging trends together again in NYC on 30 May 2019 to inspire and shape the digital future together.

This unique cross-sectoral one-day conference at the stylish Metropolitan West space, will feature exciting key-notes, panel discussions, and a startup challenge covering the most important tech, business, and cultural trends of our time:


Blockchain technology continues to grow and thrive as it reaches a new level of maturity in the market. As Blockchain’s applications and influence increase, it’s hard to anticipate what lies ahead in our “decentralized future” but our speakers will give you deep insights into this rapidly evolving landscape.

Artificial Intelligence

The world is striving to make machines smarter and, in some ways, more human. As we usher in the age of artificial intelligence, the world is split between two seemingly contradictory potential realities for AI:  its capacity to provide exponential value and its capacity to do irreparable damage. Our captivating speakers will explore the limitations, uncertainty, and unending variability of a world managed by AI in two keynotes and a panel discussion.

Urban Future

68% of the world is expected to live in an urban environment by 2050. Cities built with the future in mind rise from the earth at breakneck speeds in Asia and the Middle East. New York, as a pioneering environment for new technology, must develop new and innovative ways to drive our city to thrive sustainably. But what are the next steps? How do we usher ourselves into the world of smart cities? Our Speakers have the answers!

Media, Design & Society

New York City – a mecca for media, ad tech, fashion and design. A melting pot of ideas, styles, influences all culminating into one vibrant and eclectic society. The convergence of these organic and brilliant industries contributes to what makes New York City a place of unparalleled creativity, one that we will both celebrate and illuminate at Moving Forward.

Get swept away by the exciting program, exchange ideas with like-minded people, and become part of the unique community!

Moving Forward NYC

May 30, 2019

Metropolitan West, 639 W 46th Street

Send us an email to to receive a 30% discount to this event (USACC members only).

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